Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Open Group has been released ArchiMate 2.0

The ArchiMate Forum members had the new version on their desk for quite some time. I think The Open Group coordinated the release intentionally with its ongoing  conference in San Franscisco and let me wait for it đŸ˜‰ Anyway the version 2.0 contains the main enhancements as I expected:

  • The motivation and implementation/migration extensions are integrated as optional language extensions to the core language,
  • the terms are slightly aligned to the TOGAF and
  • of course they included corrections and improvements.

You can find more information on ArchiMate 2.0 on the official web page

In the next weeks I’ll have a closer look at the version 2.0. Particularly I’m interested in two aspects in relation to the new version:

  • The tool support of ArchiMate 2.0 and
  • the Plateau and Gap elements within the Implementation and Migration extension.

The vendors who want to support the newly introduced extensions the language will be posed to some challenges with respect to implementation of the ArchiMate metamodel. I assume this to be a challenge because the linkage between the motivational aspects and the core elements and the implementation/migration concepts and the core elements respectively is required to be highly flexible.

The Plateau and Gap elements of the Implementation and Migration extension are to my mind a bad approach to model different architectures (e.g. as is, to be and transition architectures).

But later more on that…