Mastering ArchiMate Edition I by Gerben Wierda

During The Open Group conference in Barcelona Gerben Wierda released his book Mastering ArchiMate Edition I.Ā It contains an introduction to the ArchiMate language and documents his practical experience using the language within theĀ financial domain. The book isĀ available freelyĀ under a ā€˜begwareā€™ license and I suggest that youĀ donate or buy a licence if you use it commercially.

Avolution’s ABACUSĀ® 4.0 is ArchiMateĀ® 2.0 Certified

Avolution today announced that its latest release of ABACUS (version 4.0) is now officiallyĀ certified against The Open Group's standard, ArchiMateĀ® 2.0 (see Avolution's press release here). I want to point out that I'm not sponsored by Avolution or any other vendor but what's interesting from my point of view is that currently only a three … Continue reading Avolution’s ABACUSĀ® 4.0 is ArchiMateĀ® 2.0 Certified

No Politics, Just Great Architecture

A few days ago a friend of mine changed the short description of his business on his Linkedin page to the slogan: 'No politics, just delivery.'. What a brilliant slogan! He's working in the IT project business for many years and I assume that he's tired of all these projects that are heavily influenced by … Continue reading No Politics, Just Great Architecture

The Open Group has been released ArchiMate 2.0

The ArchiMate Forum members had the new version on their desk for quite some time. I think The Open Group coordinated the release intentionally with its ongoingĀ  conference in San Franscisco and let me wait for it šŸ˜‰ Anyway the version 2.0 contains the main enhancements as I expected: The motivation and implementation/migration extensions are … Continue reading The Open Group has been released ArchiMate 2.0

Upcoming Webinar on Working with Flexible EA Metamodels

Avolution will host a webinar on behalf of the The Open Group entitled: 'Hybrid EA frameworks ā€“ TOGAFĀ® 9.1 + ArchiMateĀ® + BPMN + MoDAF/DoDAF = TOGAFĀ®+?'. Join this hands-on webinar to learn how easy your EA metamodel can be extended and changed when using Avolution's enterprise modelling solution ABACUSĀ®. I've been using the solution … Continue reading Upcoming Webinar on Working with Flexible EA Metamodels

TOGAF 9.1 released

The Open Group released Version 9.1 of TOGAF. According to this post of Andrew Josey and Garry Doherty version 9.1 is no major release but a maintenance update which includes over 450 changes to the standard.Ā It is assumed to be upward compatible with version 9.0. Andrew Josey's and Garry Doherty's post summarizes some of the … Continue reading TOGAF 9.1 released